I am a creative, insightful and fun coffee lover who has over ten years experience providing clients with bespoke development solutions. I enjoy the variety and challenge of working with a mixed set of clients from world class universities here and overseas to local Cambridgeshire career coaching.


Since starting out as an ad hoc trainer in PhD student teaching skills, my development journey has taken me through building a bespoke graduate Development Programme by partnership working at all levels of the University to heading up a talented team working with researchers at the University of Cambridge. Keen for a new set of challenges I became freelance to allow me to extend my list of university clients but also to work with individuals as a trained coach.


My solutions harness my empathy and natural sense of fun to make development rewarding and memorable for participants. As a trained coach I do not provide magic answers but hope to provide individuals with their own lightbulb moment. I have a passion for developing women and am an experienced Springboard licenced facilitator. I love working with others and can provide solutions for teams using the Belbin Team Roles tools.


“Trust me I’m a physicist”. My first degree was in Physics followed by a PhD in Medical Physics (aptly looking at brain function using MRI) both at the University of Cambridge. I then fulfilled my childhood ambition of “being a scientist” by working as a postdoctoral researcher at the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre. My STEM background helps build rapport with a wide range of researchers but the problem solving and communication skills it has given me are drawn on every day.


I have the pleasure of being able to call on a great set of associates when the solution requires it.



Residential formats allow for high intensity development. Working in partnership with Imperial College's Postdoc Development Centre I have created three residential workshops looking at the early, middle and moving towards PI stage in a researcher's career. Elements of these have built into other events, most notably for University of Turin's early career researchers.


Development across borders and cultures requires working in close partnership with the client. I have designed and delivered bespoke courses for institutional research staff. These have been run in A*STAR, Singapore and CWI, Amsterdam - each tailored to both the countries' and institutes' cultural, disciplinary and career path contexts.


Successful team working is essential but can be challenging. Understanding yourself and those around you is important. Personalised Belbin team role reports can provide a great scaffold for a facilitated away day, planning/prioritisation meeting or fun team bonding event.


Would your CV survive the 30 second rule? I can help make sure that your skills, talents and experience shine out to prospective employers. Starting from scratch or adapting an existing CV, working together we can generate that all important CV to get you to interview. CV consultations take around an hour. I can also help with application forms - paper and online. Even that daunting ``any other information`` section!


You only get one chance at a first impression. Preparation is key to shining in the interview room. I have extensive experience of running mock interviews. Working with the job description and person specification I can create a realistic interview and provide feedback afterwards. There is no substitute for this real world practice especially if it has been a while since you interviewed.


There is great power in exploring your ideas and thoughts with someone who is empathic but independent. I am a qualified and experienced coach who can work short or longer term to help you towards your goals - or even to clarify what they might be. I bring a friendly, non-judgmental and calm approach to the coaching relationship. Initial coaching sessions are around 1 hour.


I have a passion for women's development and love running Springboard programmes. The Springboard Women's Development Programme is the phenomenally successful, award-winning development course for women which enables them to take more control over their own lives by identifying the clear, practical and realistic steps they want to take and developing the skills and confidence to take them.


I love working with others and helping teams towards success. Belbin team roles analysis allows individuals and teams to explore their personal team role preferences and thereby work on communication, team dynamics, profitability and maximising talent. Understanding your natural preferences allows you to work from your strengths and understand the viewpoints of others.


Developing a team of trainers from a wide range of backgrounds is one of the highlights of my career. Definitely a two way learning process! I can work with you to develop in-house capabilities with materials I have designed. I have experience of providing full tutor notes and course materials for use in the future by others. Guiding people towards creating amazing facilitated events is a real privilege.


What type of solution are you looking for? I can work with you to provide a full service from problem identification to project evaluation. Or I can work on bespoke pieces to help you solve the whole puzzle.


    I have experience of coaching clients to identify and clarify the issues they would like to address


    I can help you refine your ideas through surveys and focus groups.


    I love creating events that work for the individual and the organisation.


    I am an engaging, fun and adaptive facilitator.


    I can help you understand your solution from feedback forms to larger impact studies

Need help with anything?


I enjoy working with individuals as well as organisations. A sample of my clients and participants are shown below. Variety is the spice of life – if you can’t see your type of organisation contact me!


To help raise support and money for Breast Cancer Research, for one day only Hardwick, Cambridgeshire became awash with Pink. We were ‘Hardwick In Pink’


Hardwick football Club, together with partners Cambridge Women’s football club turned the village of Hardwick Pink. EJW Solutions Ltd were proud to support the day by sponsoring the women’s shirts – women’s development and causes close to my heart. Myself and my family also ate cake, painted our nails pink and joined in the fun – we had a great time.

Working with Form the Future, I joined experienced people from a variety of employment settings at Sawston Village College. We were there to provide ‘real life’ interview practice for year 11s (5th form for those of a certain age). They will be taking sixth form college and FE interviews soon.


Practice, practice, practice combined with feedback are so key to interview performance improvement – for anyone, of any age. The students rose to the challenge and were a pleasure to work with.

Working with four fabulous women from Merck I presented the wealth of career options that starting off with a STEM degree can give you. Our audience were sixth form women from Hill’s Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge. they were all studying   STEM subjects and thoughts naturally turned to university and beyond.


Such an exciting transition point! But our life lessons apply across the employment spectrum: Build your network, don’t be afraid to ask for help and information and have the confidence to try something out!

Sport can teach us much: teamwork, dedication, perseverance and  resilience. All qualities I have seen all my sons develop whilst playing for Shelford Rugby Club.


Very proud to sponsor the U13s team tour to Toulon, France – culture & travel added into the heady development mix. With a little mud too.


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