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[caption id="attachment_16220" align="alignright" width="785"] New year resolutions for postdocs[/caption] Hello 2018! Sat back at my desk after the Christmas / New Year break and I am...

What are all those scientists on Twitter really doing? - asks Sarah McQuate in a recent Nature news article. Interesting findings from studying scientists on Twitter: women...

I came across Mark Murphy's model of communication styles and worked through it with some postdocs recently. The number of "ah-ha" moments that happened was...

Beat the postdoc pile up with a visual CV! Or so a recent Nature Jobs Blog ( a most excellent site) suggests. I think the...

Blogging? Adding another thing to my to-do-list? Have I lost my mind? Could I commit to writing a blog every day when writing is not...

Clutching their Belbin team roles report a postdoc anxiously crosses the room. They lower their voice and ask me "But can I be a PI...

Two million people rushing to access your work and read your words of wisdom. Perhaps the stuff of dreams for the modern academic. But perhaps...

These tried and tested ideas may help provide a boost to the training room - both for the trainer and the participants!   Let me know your...